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What is Float tube fishing

Float tubing originated in the USA as a convenient way of fishing whilst afloat without going to all the expense of a full scale boat. The angler sits in a small inflatable vessel, a bit like a chair, whilst wearing chest waders and diver’s fins, propelling themselves whilst allowing both hands to be available to control the fishing tackle. This results in and extremely stealthy and effective way of fishing as the quarry seems to regard the float tuber with indifference, in their same way they would a large swan or duck.

Fully qualified instructors

We are fortunate to have several fully insured 1st 4 Sport Level 2 Angling Coaches available at Ladybower, including those well versed in float tubing. They will be able to offer you expert advice, tips and tricks to help you maximise your chances of catching a trout.


Richard Jamieson
Specialising in float tubing, whether in freshwater or sea, Richard is also a 1st 4 Sport Level 2 Angling Coach. He has been involved with Ladybower Fisheries since 2012 and regularly assists anglers with their efforts, whether beginners, improvers or the experienced.

Contact Richard for more information on 07836 282711
or email on

It's great fun, give it a try

If you fancy trying it out for the first time, why not book an outing in one of our hire tubes? We'll make sure you're safe and sound so you can see if it's something you'd like to purchase for yourself. If you decide to join the ranks of the fastest growing aspect of fly fishing in the U.K., we recommend joining The British Float Tube Association. They can be found at

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