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The Fishery
The Fishery

About Ladybower fishery

Ladybower Fisheries has 13 miles of bank fishing available, we also have 15 fishing boats with well serviced engines for hire. They are an ideal way of exploring the water and fishing those areas where other anglers cannot reach.

The main stock of trout are all bred locally and reared on site, producing a great day's fishing with hard fighting Rainbow & Blues, these fish are incredibly agile and acrobatic.

If the fishing is not your cup of tea then what about the stunning Derbyshire countryside with picturesque surroundings and diverse wildlife all within easy access of Ladybower, for further information please visit the Peak District National Park web site.

Ladybower Reservoir offers some beautiful bank angling, much of the bank side shelves steeply into deeper water so care must be taken when fishing. Lure fishing is extremely popular and successful, but Ladybower is essentially an upland water and the fish are often quick and responsive to falls of terrestrial insects.

Ladybower history

Ladybower reservoir is a large Y shaped reservoir and is the lowest of three in the Upper Derwent Valley. The River Ashop flows into Ladybower Reservoir from the west and the River Derwent from the north. The River Derwent supplies water to both of the upper Reservoirs, Howden and Derwent, which in turn supplies Ladybower with water.

Severn Trent Waterboard funded the set up of the fishery and the fish rearing facilities, which are still in place today. As a result of the past and present wardens, bailiffs and water authorities, Ladybower is what it is today.

The Derwent valley also played an important role in the Second World War. It saw the development of the 'bouncing bomb' which was deployed by 617 squadron using Lancaster Bombers. The squadron was formed for the specific task of attacking three major dams on the Ruhr in Germany: the Möhne, Eder and Sorpe. The museum can be seen explaining all the history of the squadron and their war efforts in Derwent Dam wall, situated above Ladybower Reservoir.

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