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March to October

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The Discover Tenkara syndicate at Ladybower Fisheries encompasses the streams that flow into Howden, Derwent and Ladybower reservoirs. This is fishing for totally wild trout in rugged, hillside surroundings on small streams. As such it is closely matches the types of stream that gave rise to the elegant and simple traditional method of Japanese fly fishing called “tenkara”.

The members-only fishing is exclusively by tenkara rod and line with single, barbless fly (strictly catch and release). Visiting anglers have the unique opportunity to fish the water if they take a guided tenkara fishing day with one of the Discover Tenkara guides (the UK’s first approved tenkara guides)

Brown Trout photo
Tenkara fly fishing photo

About Tenkara

Tenkara is a traditional Japanese fishing method, using a rod, fixed line and artificial fly. Tenkara originated amongst mountain dwelling peasants as a method of harvesting fish from mountain streams.

Tenkara presents the modern day angler with a unrivalled opportunity to test their pure fly fishing and presentation skills without the luxury of extensive fly collections, reels and many of the gadgets that make life easier for more conventional methods.

The reduced reliance on technology places a premium on fly fishing ability and tenkara provides a very pure and direct connection between angler and quarry. Modern Japanese practitioners have developed an aesthetic code that mirrors the restrictions faced by the original tenkara anglers – to see if today’s fly fishers can match the skills of ancient masters who were fishing to survive.

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Information for Fly Anglers

To find out more about guided days, syndicate membership or tenkara in general please contact Paul Gaskell or John Pearson of Discover Tenkara or