Ladybower Fisheries


Fishing Syndicate - Full for 2018

Ladybower Pike Fishing in winter

Open Season

October to March


The pike fishing on Ladybower is on a syndicate basis only. This allows you full access of the dam and fishing for the season dates. Bank and boat fishing are available on the reservoir, just contact a member of staff prior to your arrival if you would like to reserve a boat.


Artificial lures and baits are also allowed on ladybower but all baits must be purchased from the fishery. Anglers will be expected to comply with the PAC code of conduct for fish handling.


Releasing Pike photo
caught Pike photo

Information for Pike Anglers

All rules detailed below are for the safety of the fish and the preservation of your own fishing, anyone found to be not adhering to the rules will be banned from the fishery with immediate effect.

The management permit the use of dead sea baits, live bait and lures, All livebaits must be purchased from the fishery office, Note:- It is against the law to introduce any fish or fish spawn into a fishery without written consent from DEFRA and you may be prosecuted and fined up to £2500.

No sacks to be brought onto the fishery – all fish to be returned immediately to the water.

Pike lures photo

Anglers must be in possession of suitable tackle – ie: long foreceps or pliers, sidecutters, large landing net (42 inches or larger), large unhooking mat (42 inches or larger with a minimum 2 inch thick bottom) – random checks will be undertaken by the staff, please do not be offended if asked to produce an item of tackle for inspection.

Main lines to be a minimum of 15lb mono or 30lb braid.

A recognised wire trace system must be used with no more than two hooks and a maximum of four inches distance between the hooks.

Minimum lure size is 6 inches.

The fishery operates a strict immediate strike rule – Never wait for a second run as the only thing guaranteed is a deep hooked pike.

No chin lifts of pike over 15lb in weight – The full length of the body must be supported as this is one of the main attributes towards trout water pike mortality.

When moving pike to and from the water it must be done in the folds of the landing net or in a retention sling, Adequate time must be given for recovery when in the water.

Photography of fish must take place while kneeling over the unhooking mat with the fish well supported – Under no circumstances stand with a fish.

Information for Pike Anglers

To find out more about the Pike syndicate please email us at: