Ladybower Fisheries


Fly Fishing

Open Season

March to November


This is our stocked reservoir where rainbow and brown trout are released.

Despite the sheer size of Ladybower there is natural fly life present so don’t always opt for the norm and fish a lure. The trout can quickly become accustomed to flies so bring a few variations of one specie, varying in sizes and colours.

Hopefully the description of the season can give you an indication to what will fish well in the correct conditions that may be presented during your visit to Ladybower.

Early spring fishing

These lures work well all over, banks and boats. Varying your retrieve speed and style can result in fantastic sport: Dog nobblers, Cats whiskers, Vivas, Montana gold heads, Booby’s and Tadpoles.

For those of you who don’t like fishing lures the nymphs start to do really well as April arrives. By utilising the area in front of you and fan casting, you should improve your chances of catching as the fish quickly become accustomed to lures being cast in front of them. The fish tend to hug the banks and are never that far out.

Again successful patterns are: Black and peacock spider, Gold head hares ear, Pheasant tailed nymphs, Diawl Bach’s.

As things start to warm up, more terrestrials like the Hawthorn flies really get the trout going and bring them to the surface.


Summer fishing

Keep your eyes peeled as chironomids start to hatch, so buzzers are effective. There is a good hatch of mayfly, particularly round the Snake end. Sedges also make an appearance in the evenings. Beware that the mayfly hatch comes around the end of the 2nd week in June. The fish become more active now. With bright sunshine and the water warming up the fish head out into the deeper water. Expect to be using the drys during this time of year as there is some brilliant sport to be had. Nymphs do really well with a slow figure of eight retrieve, targeting fish that are selectively feeding.

You can expect to be using flies such as: Daddy long legs, Hoppers, Popper Hoppers, Emergers, Muddlers, Deer hair sedge, Black gnat, Flying ants, Olive damsel nymphs, Hares ears, Black pennel, Bibio, Black / Olive buzzer.

Autumn fishing

Information for Fly & Boat Anglers

Lures are now coming into play again. You should be looking to using dark colours. Boat anglers should be incorporating these with sinking lines covering the deeper water. Bank anglers should be looking at using intermediate lines during the day. But early mornings and late evenings you should be using floating lines. Don’t forget terrestrials and also small fry as they are in abundance now.

Again recommended patterns are: Daddy long legs, Small sedges, Hoppers and popper hoppers, Heather flies, Perch Fry. Roach Fry.

For more information, rules and regulations please refer to the tariffs page.