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Fully qualified instructors

We are fortunate to have several fully insured 1st 4 Sport Level 2 Angling Coaches available at Ladybower, including those well versed in float tubing. They will be able to offer you expert advice, tips and tricks to help you maximise your chances of catching a trout.

Geoff Smith
Geoff Smith

Geoff has been the owner of Ladybower Fisheries since 2010 and has been responsible for building the fishery back to where it now is. He has also found time to become a 1st 4 Sport Level 2 Angling Coach and is well known on the coaching circuit, particularly as a Trustee among the Fishing For Heroes charitable organisation.

Richard Jamieson
Richard Jamieson

Specialising in float tubing whether in freshwater or sea, Richard is also a 1st 4 Sport Level 2 Angling Coach. He has been involved with Ladybower Fisheries since 2012 and regularly assists anglers with their efforts, whether beginners, improvers or the experienced.

Troy Chadwick
Troy Chadwick

Troy Chadwick has a background of working mainly with stroke patients, learning disabilities clients and dementia patients and also has a passion for fly fishing. He will help facilitate and plan any individual's accessibility requirements with a flexible approach.

Lee Hunt
Lee Hunt

Apart from being a 1st 4 Sport Level 2 Angling Coach, Lee is also a qualified teacher in his own right and regularly attends the fishery to pass on his wisdom with a fly rod. He can also be found on various coarse fisheries, particularly rivers, where his skill on the centre pin, trotting a float for chub and barbel is particularly noteworthy.

Dave Woodhead
Dave Woodhead

A vastly experienced Angler with 1st 4 Sport Level 2 Angling Coach status, Dave was brought up on the rivers of Sheffield and surrounding areas. He is also an accomplished match fisherman and is the second of our float tubing coaches.

Steve Newsome
Steve Newsome

Steve specialises in fly tying with 1st 4 Sport Level 2 Angling Coach status, and is available for anyone wishing to learn or improve themselves in this field. He has been a visible fixture at Ladybower since he started fishing there in the mid 70's and has been tying and supplying his Blue Licer brand of flies to the fishery since 1983.

General enquiry form

Information for Fly Anglers

Fishing is allowed every day from dawn till dusk.

Fishing shall be from the banks of the reservoir or from the company's boats, but shall not take place from the Dam wall, boat staging or pipe/bridges.

Any angler holding a current permit to fish and having taken and killed fish to the limit for that day, may purchase a second permit whereupon he/she may take further fish up to the limit appropriate to that permit. Having caught the bag limit permitted by the second permit, fishing must cease for that day.

No fish shall be taken measuring less than 10 inches from lip to cleft of tail. Any undersize fish hooked shall be promptly returned to the water, upmost care being taken that the minimum of injury is done to the fish.

Takeable size fish once caught must not be returned to the reservoir.

Before leaving Ladybower waters, anglers must enter any fish taken from the water on the catch returns provided. Estimates are acceptable if no scale is available. These must be placed in the catch return boxes provided or returned to the fishery office. (In the interest of anglers, it is essential that such records of fish taken or returned to the company in order to help determine future stocking policy. Nil returns are required.)

Each fishing permit shall permit the use of one rod and one line only. No casting rod or fixed spool reel, thread, line or bubble float shall be allowed.

Fishing shall be with natural or artificial fly only. Bottom fishing or the use of worms, maggots or any kind of ground bait is strictly prohibited and any person found infringing this rule shall (without prejudice to the company's rights under these regulations) have his current permit revoked, receive no further permit to fish and maybe liable to prosecution and reported to the Environmental Agency.

An ordinary landing net, but no other type of net, may be used.

The gutting, scaling or cleaning of fish into the reservoir is strictly prohibited.

Anglers are not to discard nylon or monofiliament waste of any kind as serious injury to wildlife may result. Care must be taken not to leave hooks of any kind on the reservoir banks.

Any person fishing or about to fish shall produce his permit when asked to do so by an officer or servant of the company or by another permit holder (who at the same time shows his permit). He shall also, if required to do so by any officer or servant of the company, show the content of his basket, bag or pockets.

All anglers aged 12 and over must be in possession of a valid National Rod license, togeth- er with a valid fishing permit for this water. These are available from the fishery office. Any person fishing or attempting to fish in the reservoir without a permit authorising him or her to do so, or exceeding the bag limit will be liable to prosecution under the Theft Act 1968 (season ticket holders will have their permit revoked, receive no further permit to fish and maybe liable to prosecution).

Please note that the Environment Agency states that any angler aged 12 or over, fishing for trout in England, Wales or the border esk and it's tributaries in Scotland must have an Environment Agency rod license.

Anglers are warned that the banks of the reservoir are in some places very steep and are liable to become undermined by the action of the water.

Fishing from the Bamford roadside of the reservoir and from the boat landing stage noticeboard to the Ladybower viaduct will be at the discretion of the fishery manager.

The road between Mill brook and Fairholmes may only be used by vehicles displaying a disabled persons (blue) badge.

Wading is prohibited.

Information for Boat Anglers

Payment of the Hire charge must be made before a boat is taken out. At the discretion of the manager, advanced day bookings may be made at the fisheries office, but such bookings may be made void if not claimed in person an hour after hiring time. Bookings and hiring are not transferable.

Buoyancy aids must be worn on pontoons, landing stages and boats at all times.

Suitable footwear must be worn.

Boats are not allowed within the shaded area of the map. Please see map.

Boats are not allowed to be beached anywhere around the reservoir, failure to comply with this regulation will see the angler removed from the water and possibly denied a permit on future visits to the water.

Oars may not be used while any person in the boat is fishing. Trolling, trailing and trawling are not allowed.

Anglers in boats must give precedence to those fishing from the banks and other boats and on no account interfere with or cast into the fish rearing cages.

Failure of the hirer to return the boat to the landing stage adjacent to the fishery officer by the prescribed time may result in the hirer being refused subsequent use of the boats in future.

A maximum of 3 persons are allowed in one boat, only two of whom may fish at any one time.

The use of boats may be suspended at anytime at the discretion of the manger. Anglers who have hired the boats must return them to the landing stage by the fishery office if instructed by the officer or the company, even if part of the hiring period is unexpired.

On such occasion credit, but not mandatory refund may be given at the discretion of the manager.

The hirer of the boat will be held responsible for any damage or loss to any boat or buoyancy aid on loan to him/her or to any structure on or adjacent to the reservoir caused by boat or its users while the vessel is in their charge. Boats must be returned in a clean and tidy condition.